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The Conflict

Every person to cross my path over the last ten or so years has expressed a different dream, idea, or feeling in connection with having a second home. Fascinated, I became certified in both US and global real estate markets in the pursuit of helping these visions become a reality. Throughout this, though, I began to notice one glaring issue – all agents are not created equal. Far from it. Clients were regularly receiving mediocre representation on properties and locations, and losing money in the buying/selling process due to lack of quality information, due diligence, and ethical guidance from agents with vague knowledge of the dynamics of these niche markets.

The Concept

Trying to find the handful of agents actually qualified to meet the specific needs of clients was a “needle in a haystack” situation. Lifestyle locations are not only dynamic but also segmented, which require a full-time, highly experienced advisor with deep knowledge of the localized market – attributes few can offer. This got me thinking about solutions that would work in favor of the client, rather than a brokerage or its agents. I wrote “Castle to Kingdom,” a definitive guidebook for people purchasing lifestyle real estate, but that wasn’t enough. I knew more could be done. I could help more people.

The Solution

Thus Kealink was born. A client-focused headhunting and referral business where, through extensive research and a tailored search based on your input, we connect you with a shortlist of thoroughly vetted and highly qualified advisors. Exceptional Advisors suited to your individual needs in dynamic real estate markets. Design an ideal lifestyle with family and friends aided by the guidance of authentic lifestyle real estate advisors.

“We are a collection of our memories created by meaningful experiences.

Make them count with people you love whenever possible.”


Andrew Storms – Kealink

The Purpose

Kealink has been decades in the making for me. Everything from my childhood career aspirations to my (brief) death has influenced my “why” for creating a company that seamlessly brings together clients and their dreams of second home ownership with exceptional lifestyle real estate advisors.

The Reason

What did you want to be when you grew up? Me, I wanted to be a traveler. Growing up on the gorgeous islands of New Zealand meant experiencing tourism from a young age, which shaped how I wanted to view the world. It’s incredible and humbling to see a place you love through the eyes of a happy tourist.

The Change

Though before I could make good on that career aspiration, in swooped the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. I dove into feature film development working alongside household names only to discover a ruthless world behind the flashy facade.

After eight years, my demanding career chewed me up and unceremoniously spit me out in the shape of a fatal asthma attack, induced coma and a week on life support. I was 29.

Realizing the dire need for change, my wife and I devised an escape plan to Australia (by way of the small Caribbean island Roatan) for another movie project. What we didn’t expect one week and a few tropical drinks later was the abrupt decision to quit our careers and stay.

I became intrigued by tourism and the world of lifestyle real estate. People weren’t just buying a house; they were investing in a dream that would become a beloved setting for them to enjoy, share, and create memories. Owning a lifestyle home offered the opportunity to develop a deeper, more tangible connection with family and friends.

It dawned on me that this is what my wife’s family had. Since the 1940s, a little cabin in the mountains near Park City, Utah, had served as a memory box for four generations’ worth of laughter and happy times spent with those nearest and dearest to them.

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