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Where to Buy a Second Home in Montana?

If you are thinking of investing in real estate for a vacation home, the state of Montana presents itself as a beautiful option. Montana is a northwestern state famous for its tourist attractions enjoyed by people for outdoor recreation.

Montana is famous for its diverse terrain. It is a wild and natural state with opportunities for many outdoor activities and lifestyles. From the enormous peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains with immense farmland, ranches, and prairies. This is the “Big Sky” state for a reason.

Montana is surrounded by 4 U.S. States, and 2 Canadian provinces yet have one of the smallest populations in the U.S. due to the incredible mountain ranges of the West and the two national parks, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. You can imagine the kind of fun and recreation you can have if you have your vacation home in Montana, including the potential rentals if you own in the right location.

The town of Big Sky is a popular destination to invest in a property due to its ski resort, which is the second largest in the country, after Vail Resorts Park City/Canyons. Even when winter has left, Big Sky offers a lot of summer fun. More about this below.


Whitefish, Montana is a beautiful resort town in the northwest of the Rocky Mountains. This resort town serves as a gateway to the beautiful valleys of the Glacier National Park. These valleys are laced with not just glaciers but also lakes and jagged peaks. Owning a second home for rentals in Whitefish will appeal to travelers year round. From skiing at what is considered one of the top 25 ski resort towns of the world, or fishing from the shores of Whitefish Lake, the town of Whitefish is a popular tourist destination with many attractions.

There are whole lots of outdoor activities waiting for you in Whitefish. Along with its year-round destination for tourists, Whitefish serves up some excellent fine dining and shopping.


Other than Whitefish, you can’t find a better destination than Kalispell, a 20-minute drive, for your vacation home in Montana if you are a nature lover. This town is considered as the gateway to Glacier National Park. To the south of Kalispell lies beautiful Flathead Lake with its stunning beaches. This lake is the largest natural lake in the entire western part of the country. Very close to this lake is the forested island called Wild Horse. This island provides opportunities to spot horses as well as bighorn sheep. The name Kalispell comes from a Salish word meaning a flat land above the lake.

There are endless trails in Kalispell for hiking and biking if you are fond of summer activities. It boasts a great golf course and two ski resorts to have fun during winter months. You can indulge in fishing and boating on the lake and enjoy the mild climate during summers.


As mentioned above, Big Sky is a popular resort community situated in the southwest part of Montana of the Rocky Mountains. Big Sky is nothing short of a paradise for you if you’re an outdoor lover. This resort is famous for its ski slopes and mountain bike trails. Yellowstone National Park lies to the south of this resort community. It’s no secret the Yellowstone offers a lot for the tourists to enjoy from Geysers, hot springs, and incredible wildlife. The action does not end here as you also have the rugged Gallatin canyons to the northeast of this resort. You can also enjoy mesmerizing views of the choppy Gallatin River as it cuts through these gorgeous canyons, or take in the Ousel Falls Park on one of the tributaries of this river. There is endless fun in Big Sky and one of the best locations in Montana to enjoy as a vacation property or a second home for renting out.

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