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Time to Exit Your Real Estate?

* To Move on

* Reinvest via 1031

* Separating Assets

* Short Sale

Time to Sell Your Real Estate?

Selling Real Estate in Resort Markets


In a lifestyle real estate market it is important to capture every dollar from the sale of your property.  Following are characteristics you need in a top agent.


As an investor, by selling real estate as a 1031, your tax gains are deferred so you can use that money to reinvest back into the market in an alternate location.

separating assets

During divorce it’s inevitable that a division of assets is required. Top agents with neutral and empathetic correspondence between conflicting interests is important.

short sales

This is your last resort to limit losses if you have incurred too much debt in other areas of your life. It’s critical to have a top agent who has substantial experience in short sales.

Listing your Property?

Having the BEST Matters!


As you are well aware, all agents are not created equal.  Far from it.  If you’re a  property owner in a resort market and wish to exit, then using your previous real estate agent may not be the best choice.   In our extensive experience there are multiple factors why it’s important to have a top agent’s expertise with your specific property. Not a jack-of-all properties agent.

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