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If you are thinking of investing in real estate for a vacation home, the state of Wyoming presents itself as a beautiful option. Wyoming is a western state famous for its tourist attractions enjoyed by people for outdoor recreation.

Wyoming, similar to Montana is known for its expansive of plains and the Rocky Mountains. If you are fond of skiing and wildlife, Wyoming could be a perfect place for your second home or a vacation rental property. Although owning a property for personal use is one thing, owning a property to rent out during the busy season could be a great investment.

Yellowstone National Park, which spreads across Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming is a massive 3500 square mile park that gives you a chance to explore its diverse wilderness. There are not just hundreds of species of animals inside this park, but it also contains mesmerizing alpine rivers and rugged canyons. And lest we forget it also contains geysers with The Old Faithful being a significant tourist attraction. In the southern part of Wyoming lies the famous Teton National Park and Jackson Hole Ski Resort.

The majestic natural beauty of the state and its untamed spirit will simply blow your mind away. Wyoming receives millions of tourists every year who come to explore its beautiful national parks. By having your vacation home in Wyoming, these national parks are considered your backyard.


Teton Village surrounds the base of the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The village has a small population of less than 500 though swells to thousands during ski season because for its skiing.

Although the area can feel crazy during certain times, it still portrays a calm and relaxed lifestyle. This is because, in addition to skiing, you get a chance to indulge in many other outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and golfing.

Nothing beats the mesmerizing views of the mountains at the top where you can reach by taking an aerial tram. There is something for everyone irrespective of age in Teton Village from delicious food to live music.


If Teton Village doesn’t quite do it, you may want to look at buying a second home in Jackson. It is another small town in Jackson Hole Valley at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain. In addition to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, you can also enjoy skiing at Grand Targhee Resort and Snow King Mountain Resort. Jackson is the largest town in Teton County.
Similar to Teton Village, Jackson draws in thousands of tourists from all parts of the country, not just for skiing, but for something quite odd…its famous large arches made from shed elk antlers.

Grand Teton National Park is only 5 miles away from Jackson. It is a perfect place to enjoy mesmerizing views of the Teton Mountain ranges. If you are a lover of nature, you will be thrilled to see exotic flora and fauna in this park, some of which is said to belong to the prehistoric times. You get a chance to see more than 300 species of birds in this park as well.

If you are fond of music, Jackson organizes a 7-week long classical music festival every year. Called Grand Teton Music Festival, this festival attracts thousands of music lovers from around the country. Once again, Jackson is like many areas of Wyoming, year-round enjoyment for second homeowners.


If you are interested in outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming is perfect. Situated in northern Wyoming, Bighorn National Forest is the oldest government-protected forest land, and named after Big Horn River that flows through it. You can experience exceptional natural beauty in this area that is great for hiking and fishing. It is also a fantastic destination for yoga and meditation retreats.

There are more than 1000 miles of exciting trails in this forest. If you want to experience real wilderness, Bighorn National Forest has the Cloud Peak Wilderness area where no vehicle or equipment is allowed. You can get access to this area only on foot or on horseback.

For those who enjoy lakes, Bighorn National Forest has them. These lakes contain more than 100 species of fish for those who are fond of fishing. You can spot lots of black bears, coyotes, elks, deer, and cougars in this area if you are lucky…or unlucky as the case may be.

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