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When people think of Nevada, Las Vegas comes to mind immediately.  Glitz, glamour, massive hotels, shows and gambling bring masses of people each year. Even though this is a calling card for many who visit the middle of this state, rest assured Nevada isnt just desert.  Reno has a mixture of both wilderness and arid beaty, while Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous wilderness. When people relocate or purchase in Nevada, it’s often to avoid state income tax from California, or enjoy a vacation property within a quick flight from your local southern Californian airport.


Often surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Lake Tahoe is well admired for its sparkling blue waters. Located on the border of Nevada and California, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tahoe sits at 6,200 feet. Not just known for the beaches and summer playground weather, powder hounds from California and neighboring states hit the slopes  of the local ski resort.

Lake Tahoe provides year-round tourism and lifestyle for all that call the area home, or visit for the activities and environment.

Although Lake Tahoe is considered an area, there are several small towns around the lake for some wonderful conveniences.

Pending on your goal, Lake Tahoe provides a variety of properties from those who relocate to enjoy the year round lifestyle, or second home owners who wish to pop out for a quick vacation for the long weekend, it’s no wonder why the area appeals to many.  


If you have never heard of this entertainment mecca of the world, you have been living under a rock.  Considered as the most entertainment filled city in the world, wrapped up into 2.5 miles, allowing between 40 – 50 million visitors each year.

A majority of visitors visit Las Vegas for Las Vegas Boulevard with its massive themed resorts, hotels, theaters, restaurants, convention centers, and gardens.

Gone are the days of the rat-pack crew of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., but the nostalgic old town still lives on in Fremont Street.

If you are visiting Kealink for top real estate agents in Las Vegas, its not usually for relocation, although we can certainly refer one or more. You are likely interested in purchasing a vacation property with the intent to earn a return on investment from the tourism industry. Either way, Las Vegas has many attractive options.


Reno is less than an hour away from Lake Tahoe and is the second largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas.  However, Reno which also has an impressive locations for glitz, glamour and gambling has many other attractions people take advantage of year round. Reno is a wonderful location being considered the best of both worlds in Nevada with it’s many attractions similar to Las Vegas, though at altitude in the mountains close to winter ski resorts.

There are multiple events through out the year which attract millions of tourists each year. Not just from the outdoor activities, but also from the annual events such as the National Championship Air Races, The Great Reno Balloon Race, and the Hot August Nights car convention.

Although there are 250,000 residents which call Reno home, relocation or second home ownership is a distinct possibility if you love the conveniences of a large city, but only a very short distance from nature.

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Andrew’s counsel helps make an objective, patient and measured decision.

Lucas D. – New York.

Ski-in/Ski-out – $3.6 MM

Buying property in another state concerned me. Andrew provided expert guidance and advice. Knowledgeable in every way.

Second Home – $575,000

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He truly deserves more than 5-stars!  An adept professional who always goes the extra mile.

Pre-Retirement Purchase – $1.1MM

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